Business Models

Anant Softtech is considered as an extended development facility of overseas clients. Necessary training is given to team members in India so as to ensure that they become integral part of their colleagues in USA and Europe.

Time and Material Model

This is by far considered as the most desired business model by International IT companies. Very often it is not too easy to define scope, specification, deployment plan etc. Time and Material Model becomes an obvious choice in such situation. Billing is done based on resources deployed during the month on agreed hourly rates. This model also permits client to adjust resource deployment based on changing status of product development cycle and release commitments. Under this model our project team works very closely with client to define project plan with important milestones into that. Strict project management and reporting practices ensures value for money for the client. Knowledgeable, skilled and committed team members work in a seamless manner with client's team and ensure efficient execution of the project.

Fixed Price Model

When the scope and specifications of the projects are reasonably clearly defined, clients may prefer to go for a Business Model of Fixed Price. Not only fees but delivery model with intermediate milestones is clearly defined. We have a team of committed professionals who loves and enjoys working on assignments with challenging delivery schedule. For any change in scope of work, predefined fixed hourly rate agreed at the time of sign on is applied. Procedure of submission and approval of Change Request is followed in such cases.

Hybrid Model

Very often initial portion of a project for which specifications and scope is clearly defined is taken on fixed price basis and later on model is switched to Time and Material. This model permits the client to work within their budget and still not compromise on changing needs of the project.